Monday, January 7, 2013

Dark to early

Today I really wanted to start running. I still have the urge to do something.
But unfortunately I had school until 3, came home around 4 (due to traffic) and it became dark 30 minutes later.
I don't want to run when it is dark. Especially on a route I don't know and in this area. Yes, I am scared, but one never know what happens, particularly when u are a woman. There are strange people out there.
Anyway. Tomorrow is Gym day YEAAAHHH

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Did I actually say who I am?

My name is Michelle and I am from Germany. I live south west from Frankfurt, close to France. 4 hours away from Paris :)
I was born on the 16th of May in Landstuhl, a small town, 20 minutes away from Kaiserslautern. Also known as K-Town!
The Air Base is based in Ramstein, which I think, most of people know.
I was raised in Steinwenden and Miesenbach by my parents. I lived with my younger Sister, my parents and 2 cats.
Ever since I dreamed about going to the States to spend a year there. So I did, when I was 20.
I moved to Maryland where I took care of 2 adorable children.
Made a lot of friends there and glad to have them.

Now that I am back in Germany, I am in the middle of a trainee to become a Preschool teacher, not something I want to do my whole life, but I started it so I will finish it too.
After that I plan to study Biology. I kind of see me more in this kind of work than in working with Children my whole life.

Anyway. Now that the temprature is supposed to go up and down for the next couple weeks, I decided to start my first run outside in February. I already do it a little inside, in the gym. But still, I am more the kind of person who likes to do sports outside.

So will see how it works.
Right now I am reading a book written by Dieter Baumann.
He has written down everything I need to know how to learn how to run a long time and how to start the best.
There is a training schedule inside as well. I will start with that from 0 to 30 minutes of running within 6 weeks.
Will see how it works.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Eating and training!

So I did some more research about running a Marathon!
The first thing I have to focus on is to loose weigh and to be able to run for 30 minutes without a break. While I am focus on loosing weigh I can start running, but I mean a slow run. I thought about a faster walk first for about 30 minutes and then start with 5 minutes of slow "running" and 1 minute of walk. I think due the weather situation in Germany now, I can even do it outside!
It is about 15 dagrees now (celcius, around 59 Fahrenheit) Accept it rains, than I need to do it outside.
I still have a cough, since about 2 month, which botheres me a lot right now and I need to do an allergy test in January. We'll see.
I made my self a plan of food I can eat and a plan of training days. That way it is something I have planned and I need to do it. I will stop eating pasta, rice, potatos, braed or anything like it after 5 pm. Instead I will eat some kind of vegatable and plain joghurt and will drink a class of milk every evening.
Since I do this thing with the 5 teas a day, I am not worried of not drinking enough liquid. I already drink a lot of water, especially at school and with those teas I have around 2,5- 3 liters of liquid a day, without the water I drink during training!
I think I will eat some oats with a banana and milk for breakfast. A snack of fruits between breakfast and lunch. For lunch some kind of warm meal with a kind of meat, vegetables and carb. And a snack before I go to the gym. And a salat and chicken for dinner or something like it. I found a lot of recipes without any carb or really little. And they even look pretty yummy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Accidents happen!!!!

The thing I am most scared about, is that something happens before I can start the Marathon. I have the talent to twist ankles, fall down and get hurt and so on. So I am not scared of not coming to the point of actually running the Marathon, I am more worried that I fall over my own feet :P Just happened yesterday at the gym, so I know why I say this!

Anyway. We will see what happened. I am actually pretty excited about Spring now. I can't wait to go out and start running! The beginning will be a real challenge for me!

Every single day I asked myself, if I still really want to do it, and everytime I feel, that this is the right way to go!
No body expects that from me and it is not a proof to those people, it is more a proof for myself.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and I hope you enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My way to get in shape

I joined the gym already in August and did some training for loosing weigh and building up some muscles.
Now, I work out for about 2 hours. That includes 35 minutes of cardio and around 1 hour and 15 minutes of weightlifting.
I stoped cycling and do the step machine instead (thats what I meant with criss cross :-P)
That way I am getting ready for running on the treadmill (in the winter time) and running outside (from spring to fall).
I also started to drink a lot of different kind of teas (5 different types every day) to stimulate my metabolism. Which I think is pretty bad.
My teas:
In the morning I drink a cup of mate tea, between morning and lunch I drink a white tea, around lunch time I drink a St. John's Wort tea, afternoon a Rooibos tea and in the evening a hop tea.
I don't know if it works, we'll see, but I try it. And I like tea, so that way it is not a big deal for me to do it. This is day 1 of my tea experiment!
I will try to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. But I will see if I can manage to go 6 times a week. With one break a week, I think it is ok.

The start!

Here we go!
As I was working out in the Gym yestarday, I had the idea to focus on one goal, before I turn 30 :P
I discovered the love for running. Ok, I am not the sporty type of person, when you see me. I weigh to much, but I always loved doing sports. I just was not motivated enough to do something. But now I am!
Since the fall, I really like running and now I started to get to this point, slowly but I will get there. I will start running as soon as the weather gets better here in Germany. I am still kind of recovering from my last cold, so I have to be careful with it, and running in the gym is not my style, I do rather the cris cross thing there.  But as soon as I can do it more easily I will do running inside. As I said, I am getting ready for starting running!

Why do I write this blog?
Well, I need a motivation, and even though I don't think anyone will read this, I will want to write something, in case someone really does!
So it is my Motivation to continue in hard times!!!!

I will post pictures and statements and would love to read also some comments.

It will be the start of a interesting time of my life and I will proof that I can do something, nobody expects me to do!

Thanks for reading.